Two Kinds of Podcast Ripoffs

Issue 70 talked about a changing market of content distribution, including how it affects us as podcasters.

Here's an example that breaks this down in a way even your grandmother could understand ...

In 2004, there were over 9000 Blockbuster stores. Today, there's only one, in Bend, Oregon.

There's a documentary on Netflix about it, called The Last Blockbuster. And it's a fascinating story about how media (and how we consume media) changes.

Big lessons to always remember as a podcaster:

  1. Media changes.
  2. When it comes to media, people are missing personal connection with others – computers make all the recommendations now.
  3. Outlasting everybody else makes you legendary.

People are going out of their way to do business with this place. And it gets 1000x more media coverage than it would otherwise, because being "the only one" makes you interesting (and people have no other options, if they want what you've got).

There are way too many ripoffs in podcasting, both literally and figuratively. I've got the story of an alleged ripoff below ... and that's something to consider as you move forward with your podcast, but also something to consider, metaphorically, is if you're playing your game or trying to copy somebody else's.

You do you. That's the way to build an audience and get attention for your message.

David @ Big Podcast

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