The $100,000 Podcasting Studio

I've got a friend with a "podcasting" studio that contains roughly $100,000 worth of gear, including a $60,000 mixing console.

In fairness, he's also a music engineer, so he does more than just podcasts.

But it's easy to spend a ton of cash on podcasting. Fortunately, it's also pretty simple to get something that sounds pretty good and not spend a lot of money.

In this issue of Big Podcast Insider, I'm focusing on free tools (and training) to help your podcast sound its best, including an opportunity to work with Google/PRX, free fonts (and how to use them), speaker training, software to "mix" your podcast automatically, and more.

And a BONUS, because I appreciate you reading these every week ...

You can get the print version or audiobook (or both) absolutely free. No catch, but if you like what you read/hear, I do ask that you leave a review on Amazon.

Why? Getting you warmed up and up-to-speed for this one coming on June 6.

David @ Big Podcast

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