No Podcast is "Too Small" To Make Money with Advertising

Making money via podcast advertising is a common "money plan" for podcasters, yet few do it successfully.

In this issue of Big Podcast Insider, I share info about how to pick a podcast topic that will attract listeners, how to build an audience via word-of-mouth advertising, and the best way to "pitch" sponsors.

How do you find sponsors? You don't. When you set things up properly, sponsors find you.

But how many listeners does your podcast need before this happens?

Not as many as you think – as long as you have the right listeners and people are talking about you.

The very first podcast sponsorship deal I did was for $5000. This was in 2005 and before the show went live.

How did it happen? I already had an audience from other things I'd done and the sponsor was betting that they'd follow me from those things to my podcast.

They did.

This wasn't a fluke though. When you have the right topic and deliver your message in the right way, people will find you .... quickly.

This issue has more details on how to make it happen.

NOTE: I'm 99% sure you won't need to change your topic, but you may want to tweak it for better (or at least faster) results. If you have any questions about this, feel free to reach out to me via Twitter.

David @ Big Podcast

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