Social Media = Double-Edged Sword for Podcasters

Social media is powerful because it allows everybody to be heard ... sort of. Obviously, some people are being watched more than others, there are algorithms that basically only show us content we're likely to click on (or otherwise interact with), and there's a lot of noise to compete with.

Being in podcasting, you've probably seen the shakeup regarding The Podcast Academy over the last week. It's a good example of not just the power of social media, but the power of words as well.

In this issue of Big Podcast Insider, I'm sharing an opportunity for you to work with AIR (Association of Independents in Radio) as well as some important information to help you spread your message and connect with listeners via social media. Use it wisely. :)

Regarding the situation with The Podcast Academy, I released this episode. If you have thoughts on how we can do better as podcasters as far as inclusivity and the empowerment of people and would like to have a discussion around this, feel free to reach out to me via Twitter.

I hope you're finishing out a great week!

David @ Big Podcast

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