Old School vs. New School

First, a couple of new things you may be interested in ...

  1. My new book on podcasting will be released on Tuesday. Pre-order for only $.99!
  2. Focusrite just released a cool new tool for podcasters, The Vocaster. You can see it here and listen to it here.

As far as "old" stuff, this issue of Big Podcast Insider talks about one of the oldest and most effective online tools we have when it comes to our podcasts – email.

I've been thinking a lot about email lately, largely because it's how I've been doing 99% of the outreach for the new book.

In this issue, I've got a couple of things for you to consider when it comes to your email. One is taking advantage of the email you already send each week, even if it's not promotion in nature. The other is how to improve how you respond to guest pitches you get via email, meeting requests, etc.

Speaking of guest pitches, if you've got a podcast with an audience who can benefit from marketing via guesting on podcasts or creating their own podcasts, I'd love to come on your show and help them to make those things happen. To arrange an interview with me, please reach out here.

Have a quick question about your podcast marketing? Twitter is the quickest way for me to get an answer to you.

David @ Big Podcast

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