What happened last night is a lesson in how to improve your podcast ...

Today, everybody is talking about the January 6th Commission that met last night.

Here's what they did and what you can do when organizing your podcast episodes, so you can get your audience talking in a similar way ...

  1. Don't release anything until you're ready. Do your research and be prepared to deliver your content in a compelling way.
  2. Organize your presentation in a way that most people will be able to understand (you'll never get everybody) – simplify your message and walk your audience through the details, step by step.
  3. Before you release your episode, build the hype – let people know something is coming ... Specifically, sell the "mystery" – will they or won't they play testimony from certain witnesses, for example.
  4. During the presentation, deliver on what you promised and be prepared to back it up after the presentation.
  5. Know that, regardless of how clear or accurate your message is, not everybody is going to understand or agree with you. People see and hear what they want to.

It takes work to put it together and it takes brass balls to deliver it. But this pre-episode work pays off big time for those who are willing to do it.

Three days ago, I released my latest book, 101 Podcast Episode Templates – Powerful, Done-for-You Episode Templates to Grow Your Podcast Audience. It's just $.99 on Kindle right now and the paperback is only $6.99.

This book will help you to come up with good episode ideas and organize them in a way that is engaging to your audience. If you want more people listening to (and talking about) your podcast, this is the book you want.

In this issue of Big Podcast Insider, I've got even more thoughts on how you can come up with great episode ideas and create a podcast people care about.

A final note ...


I'm working with the guys at RocknPod to put together a great (and in-person) podcasting conference in July. We've just expanded the event to accommodate more people and I've got a few slots for people who want to speak about podcasting, YouTube, and social media. If you're able to make it to Nashville at the end of July and want to do this, keep an eye out for Big Podcast Insider next week, because I'll have more details in the next issue.

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