Let's talk about the name of your podcast...

I find that a lot of podcasters, when they don't immediately get the listeners they want, are quick to change the name of their podcast. And that's not necessarily a bad move, especially when you've jumped into a name without really thinking about it and realize what you thought was cute or clever, isn't clear or easy to find via search.

In this issue of Big Podcast Insider, I've got some things for you to consider when naming your podcast. Taking a little time to do this in the early stages of your podcast will save you a lot of time in the future.

I'll give you a personal example ... My podcast on podcasting, Build a Big Podcast was originally called Big Podcast Daily. And that name didn't work for a few reasons ...

  1. Big Podcast Daily contains the frequency of episode release, which was true at the time, but ultimately hard to keep up with, for both me and listeners.
  2. "Big Podcast" sounds general. And adding "Daily" made it sound like a news show ... definitely not as descriptive of the content I was delivering as it could have been.

In fairness, Big Podcast Daily started as a 30-day experiment I did for National Podcast Post Month, also known as NaPodPoMo – a 30-day challenge similar to National Novel Writing Month (NaNoWriMo), but for podcasting.

Regardless, when I decided to go longer than 30 days, after about six months, I found the daily schedule no longer worked for me, so I decided to change the name, not only to something that didn't mention frequency of release, but also something a lot more obvious as to what the "outcome" for listeners would be.

The same rules apply to naming books, by the way. It's why my new book is called 101 Podcast Episode Templates. Arguably, this name isn't very exciting or sexy, but it lets you know exactly what you get, which is important and helps sales. Clear almost always outperforms clever.

Are You in a Similar Situation?

If you've got a podcast name that's no longer working for you, there's nothing wrong with changing it. And it's better to change it now than wait.

But ...

Don't make the same mistakes you made with naming your podcast the first time – use your "second chance" to come up with something that you can work with and will work for you as long as you want it to.

As always, if you have any questions about this topic or other podcast marketing topics, feel free to reach out to me via


In the previous issue of Big Podcast Insider, I mentioned that I was looking for a few extra speakers for a podcasting event in Nashville next month, RocknPod. Unfortunately, due to a spike in COVID cases here as well as record-level heat, the decision was made to postpone this event to a time that will be safer and more comfortable. The new date is in April and, as we get closer to that time, I'll once again be looking for speakers and let you know.

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