Podcasters Don't Read

Podcasters don't read. At least that was the joke in this video.

But podcasters do read. You're here, right?

Still, for those that love audiobooks, the 101 Podcast Episode Templates audiobook is now available via Amazon and Audible.

But who wants to listen to "podcast templates"? Is that even a thing?

I hear you. So when you get this version, you'll get a free digital version to read, because the templates work better in print. But you'll also get some audio-only bonus content that I know you'll find helpful as far as growing your podcast and making more money with your podcasting skills, including bonus sections on:

  1. How to get your podcast on broadcast radio.
  2. How I book celebrity guests (sometimes via Twitter) and my "great guest" philosophy that you can use to help grow your podcast.

You'll also get the "play-by-play" of what I did to get on broadcast radio, with ideas you can copy for your own pitch. I literally take you in the room with me and run you through the pitching process and what you need to have in order to make radio programmers say "yes" to working with you and syndicating your podcast.

But maybe the best part, for those looking to make money using their podcasting skills now – I walk you through the audiobook production process, so you can do your own audiobooks or use your voiceover and recording skills to start a side business producing audiobooks for others.

Get it here. It's free with an Audible trial. :)

David @ Big Podcast

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