Don't Follow the Money

Don't follow the money. That may seem like a weird way to start the "Get Paid" edition of this newsletter, but it's also something you should think about before there's any money.

"Money" is out there, even if you can't see it now. If you keep showing up with your podcast, producing great episodes and connecting with listeners, you will have people show up and want to give you some of it. And there will be certain times when that money will be very tempting.

Have a plan now for what you will do and, perhaps more importantly, won't do for money.

Jeff Sanders of The 5AM Miracle Podcast has Six Rules About Podcast Advertising. All are important, but I want you to focus on one right now ...

#4 Ethical Match

What does this mean? For Jeff, who is vegan, it means the companies he works with need to do one of two things:

  1. Offer products and services that are ethically viable for vegans (e.g. they do not use any animal products).
  2. Offer a vegan option (e.g. Blue Apron's vegan meal plan).

Having these restrictions in place makes his decision on whether to work with a company easy. And he turns down meat-based companies more often than any other potential sponsor.

Alignment Matters

If you say you're vegan, people expect "vegan" content. If you say you're pro-women, people expect "pro-women" content.

You don't build a church and let an atheist give a sermon about how God doesn't exist without getting pushback. And if you work with gay people, having Chick-fil-A cater your office lunch will likely do the same.†

The bottom line: Get clear on who you are, what you stand for, and what you will (or won't) do for money.

†You're probably OK, if you work with these ladies. (NSFW)

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