Hooray for Everything? No.

You don't go to a football game and cheer for both sides. If you care at all, there's one team you want to win more than the other.

That's not saying you have to care much. But the difference between "not caring at all" and "caring a little" is massive.

The people who listen to you want you to care – they want you to take a stand. This is how they know where they stand with you.

Most podcasters care, but they're afraid to take a stand. But don't confuse my message here for one of those cheesy "viral" Facebook posts that tries to shame people into reposting it by declaring, "Most people who read this will be too afraid to repost it."

I'm not trying to start a chain letter – I'm giving you advice about what your listeners want.

They want you to stand for something. What? I don't know – you do you. But don't try to please everybody by not saying anything and trying to play things safe. The biggest risk you can take as far as losing your audience is to not have and share opinions on things your listeners find important.

David @ Big Podcast

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