This is Issue 100! So what?!

Something I've learned from being self-employed for 20+ years is that "the work" is what matters, not milestones, or awards, or even rewards.

"The work" is its own reward. At least that's how it works for people who have longevity.

This issue, Issue 100, is no different to me than any of the others.

Sure, it's nice to finish a big project or publish a new episode, but "the work" doesn't care.

"The work" is much like your listeners – it doesn't care about awards or milestones. The only thing that matters to either is, "Is this helpful?"

So hopefully you'll find this issue of Big Podcast Insider helpful.

Want to listen to me talk more about this? Check out the the audio edition via my podcast for podcasters, Build a Big Podcast. I just published some "behind-the-scenes" recordings (with commentary) that I think you'll find helpful when working with guests.

David @ Big Podcast

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