Guitar vs. Podcasting

I started playing guitar again after taking a little more than 20 years off.

When I walked away, I was playing at a very high level, having gotten my degree in music and worked as a musician professionally. But today, I'm basically relearning everything.

Fortunately, there is a lot "muscle memory" for me to fall back on. And I'm confident that I could be back to where I was with about a year of daily practice.

Keep this in mind if you've put a pause on your podcast and you're thinking about jumping back in. You can make this happen, if you want. But you need to start.

Here's something else I've noticed, which I think you'll find helpful to your podcasting. This is so simple, yet so many people neglect it. And I think it's actually the secret to learning anything.

Break down what you're trying to learn into small chunks.

For music, that means taking one line, or even one measure, at a time. For podcasting, maybe it's learning one option of a piece of software. Or getting a single interview and working with that.

Here's a simple trick that will help you put great episodes together, whether you're interviewing somebody or doing a narrative ... Start with a focus sentence.

Try it. It's a simple "trick" that will change the way you interview and edit.

More podcasting tricks below ...

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