A "Big Podcast" is Simple – Don't Overcomplicate It

If your podcast isn't getting as many listeners as you'd like, I have a question for you ...

Are you overcomplicating things?

If you look at the top podcasts, most follow a pretty simple formula. And they're built upon a simple foundation.

I understand why things go sideways ... It's very easy to keep adding new things to your process and, when we do, rarely do we take anything away. So the process keeps getting longer (and more complicated).

And maybe even worse, we neglect the foundation that we're building upon.

In this issue of Big Podcast Insider, we're going back to the foundational elements of your podcast (and its marketing) to make sure you're ready for the upcoming year.

Foundational elements like:

  • Your Bio
  • Your "About Me" Page
  • How You Tell Stories

Have questions? Reach out to me via Twitter or Mastodon.

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