People Make Mistakes

Any idea what keyboard key you hit the most?

An informal study by a blogger Jamie Todd Rubin says it's the backspace key. In the study, it made up 8.8% of all keystrokes (about 9 presses for every 100 keystrokes made).

In speech, "fluency" refers to continuity, smoothness, rate, and effort in speech production. Disfluentcy, which we all are at times, is being hesitant when speaking, using fillers (“like” or “uh”), or repeating a word or phrase.

We don't have a backspace when speaking, but we can edit our speech afterward and before people hear it.

I see some podcasters who say, "I never edit" as if it's a sign of strength. And it would be, if you didn't need to edit. But like I said – people make mistakes.

When you take care of listeners, they'll take care of you. And if you want to grow your podcast, you need to edit. Or you need to hire an editor.

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