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Jay Clouse has a podcast called Creative Elements. He just joined HubSpot's podcast network, so I brought him on Build a Big Podcast to go through the step-by-step process of how he made it happen.

This is a multi-episode series and I've broken it down into little chunks to make it easier for you to listen to. So if you haven't subscribed followed Build a Big Podcast yet, go here and make it happen.

Or ... If you're in the US, call me right now at 615-488-4321 and I'll send the link directly to your phone ... as well as link for you to get a free copy of the Big Podcast audiobook.

We talk about:

  • Quitting a podcast that no longer works for you
  • Getting the attention of established podcast producers
  • "Promoting a podcast" vs. "launching a podcast"
  • Building a great podcast from the ground up
  • Small podcast programming tweaks to assure you don't end up with "just another podcast" that gets ignored
  • Podcasting-related lessons from pitching startups
  • Podcasting-related skills developed from "half a journalism degree"
  • Organizing your podcast episodes in a way that attracts listeners (and makes your podcast stand out)

Lots of good stuff, if you're looking to grow your podcast and get the attention of a network or other people who can help you with it. Listen now.

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