9344 People Watched Your Video!

OK, I made that number up. But I just got on TikTok a couple of days ago (find me here) and, to sweeten the pot of what I'll be releasing there in the next month, I uploaded five short "novelty" videos.

Like the one where a demon microphone and changed the price of my book on podcasting to $6.66, before a televangelist removed the demon and changed the price to $7.77.

I know, it's complicated.

But back to the made up viewer number ...

Lots of podcasters are excited about the "large numbers" you can get on TikTok, simply by uploading something. And I get it – it's nice to have somebody pay attention to you, especially if you've tried other forms of media (like podcasting) and haven't had "large numbers" before.

But we don't want "large numbers" for our podcast – we want people to really listen. And while somebody watching three seconds of your video may give you a nice dopamine hit, when the view number moves forward, it's not going to give you what most podcasters want ... authority, income, and connection.

Are you ready to "go big" with your podcast in 2023? If so, I'm ready to help you do that.

More coming. Stay tuned ...

David @ Big Podcast

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