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Everybody's talking about Chris Rock's live Netflix special. In it, he shares four ways to be famous:

  1. “Showing your ass.”
  2. Being infamous
  3. Being excellent
  4. Playing the victim

One of the downsides of the "connected" world we live in is that the baseline for any of these four things has become more extreme. To put it bluntly, you have to be more or do more than ever to stand out, because the competition for people's attention is tight.

But the good news about being in our "connected" world is that it's easier than ever to find people (or be found by people) who are just like you and will really benefit from what you're doing.

Is it a lot or people? Not always. But if you're looking to be well-known, respected, and "famous" within a certain group, I've never seen a situation where there isn't room for you to make that happen.

This is worth repeating ...

You only need to be known within a certain group to do well. For example, I worked with a guy who has a podcast about the bug extermination business that's never had more than 1000 downloads per episode. And he's making a very nice living from the clients it brings him.

But how do you make something similar happen for yourself?

A good first step is getting in the same room with people who are likely to be interested in what you're doing, then making personal connections with them. This gets you immediately connected to the people most likely to listen to your podcast, which is the foundation of what you need to build upon. You can learn about what they're looking for as well as personally deliver that very thing to them.

What you can do today to get started on this:

  1. Look for tightly-focused, in-person meetups in your area that you can attend.
  2. Connect with other podcasters and business owners who are in a similar position that you're in, and learn from each other.
  3. "Borrow" connection with the people you want to reach from those who are willing to share the stage with you, such as other podcasters.

This issue of Big Podcast Insider has thoughts on how to do all three.

David @ Big Podcast

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