"Canned Responses" Piss People Off – Here's What to Do Instead

Many "content marketers" are too clever for their own good. For example, those who have a canned response for everything.

Yeah, a canned response is efficient, but if you only send somebody a link, for example, you've just lost a shot to make a personal connection with somebody.

Saw what you will about Twitter, but one of the great things about it (and sites like it) is that the very limited number of characters you have for your message forces you to be clear and concise. And because everybody knows you don't have a lot of characters when you reply, your "brevity" isn't going to piss somebody off when they get a short message from you.

A short message can be just as personal as a long one.

This issue of Big Podcast Insider... more ways for you to get the most from the work that you do.

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