How does a casino go out of business?

How does a casino go out of business? Have you ever asked yourself that question?

I asked myself something similar this week when I got notice that both Azlo and Simple banks are closing on 3/31. These two were very popular with podcasters, so if you bank at either, I've got a couple of suggestions on where you can go. Both are very similar, with no fees, made for entrepreneurs, etc.

I've also got nine ways you can monetize your podcast, so you can put more money into those accounts! And some "good advice" when it comes to who you interview and how you should do those interviews.

I've also linked a cool (and free) automation tool that you can use to save yourself some production and marketing time. I'm going to be doing a Clubhouse room podcasters this coming week to talk more about using it to automate scheduling, communicating with guests (including via text message and printed postcards), and social media.

Finally, I've got a new podcast to share from a couple of high school students. It only has one (very short) episode and I hope they make more. What you'll hear on this episode is the future of podcasting.

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