Let's be honest about Clubhouse...

Have you ever been to a new club that had a lot of hype, but wasn't that great when you went? Then you left and the next day your friend who stayed told you all the great stuff you missed?

You know your friend was lying, right? The club wasn't that great.

That's what Clubhouse is like. There's a lot of hype and definitely some cool stuff happening there, but it's not that great.

Still, you want to keep an eye on it. Twitter has something similar coming as does Mark Cuban, so the audio-only, social media format will likely be here for a while and, as a podcaster, that's going to present a huge opportunity for you.

I'm doing regular meetups for podcasters on Clubhouse. Big Podcast Club has info.

Need an invite? Let me know via the Big Podcast Instagram.

David @ Big Podcast

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