The Origin Story

People are crazy about Disney. I met a woman who did movie production for Disney at a wedding once, and she upstaged the bride with so many people coming over to her to ask questions about what that was like.

Disney is full of legends and attention to detail. For example, the highly-touched "hitching posts" are stripped and repainted each night, so they look fresh the next morning for that day's guests.

But one of the most interesting details about Disney is that everything has an origin story – every character, every movie, every ride ... everything.

You'll find it helpful to have the same level of detail for your podcast. Doing this adds depth to what you do and gets listeners connected to it.

  • How did you start?
  • How was each segment created?
  • What's the story behind the music and audio imaging that you use?

Get clear on these stories and get good at telling them.

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