What I Learned From Being Sued in Federal Court

Twenty years ago, I reached out to an attorney about some content I wanted to publish, to be sure I was legally OK to do so.

He said everything was good legally. So I released it.

Within a week, I received a cease-and-desist letter via certified mail. And a month after that, I found myself in federal court, facing criminal copyright infringement charges.

"Don't die on this hill."

I believed I was right, but it was going to take a while (and a lot of money) for the court to decide that.

I asked my father for advice and he told me two things:

  1. Never get into an argument with somebody who buys ink by the barrel.
  2. Don't die on this hill.

He was right about both. And, as a podcaster, these are things you should keep in mind.

While "ink by the barrel" isn't what it used to be, a huge audience on social media (or elsewhere online) is. And we're in a world where a single sound bite, headline, or social media message can spread quickly.

Some hills are worth dying on. But most of the time, it's better to do what you can, so what you live to fight another day.

So if you're feeling defeated, or ignored, or ineffective, chin up. Make your next episode and keep applying pressure.

I've got more thoughts and "the rest for the story" in the audio edition of this newsletter.

David @ Big Podcast

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