The Holy Grail for Podcasts Hosts

"Nobody's ever asked me that."

For some reason, there are a lot of podcast hosts who love to hear this from a guest.

But don't confuse this as a complement to your interviewing skills.

Your job as a podcast host isn't to uncover a deep, dark secret that a guest has been hiding or have an off-topic conversation that has nothing to do with the focus of your show. Your job is to create an episode that's helpful to your listeners.

This means asking questions (and getting answers) about things that have probably been discussed before.

Sure, by all means, get creative as far as the way you approach topics. Yes, be personal and show a human side of your guests – don't let them "play the tape" so many guests bring to interviews.

But don't worry about trying to ask something that they've never been asked before. Instead, focus on approaching a topic they've talked about a million times in a unique way that will be helpful for your audience.

In this issue of Big Podcast Insider, I've got some "new ways" of making a podcast using AI, important information you'll want to know if you have a mailing list, and a strategy for getting better as a podcast host.

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David @ Big Podcast

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