The Magic Trick

Several years ago, a friend of mine mentioned Ramit Sethi to me. At the time, he was best known for his online writing and book, I Will Teach You to Be Rich.

My friend told me, "He has a script for getting a raise. I used it and it worked."

This is known as a "magic trick" – something that gives a reader (or listener) a quick win.

Fast-forward to today ... When you go to Ramit's podcast, you see the headline "Real Problems. Real Results." And you'll see a link to his "plan" to help you with your finances.

Again, a magic trick.

Your podcast will benefit from one of these. What's a "quick win" that would help your listeners?

I'll be sharing more "magic trick" examples you can model in the audio edition of this newsletter. And if you want more examples of how Ramit is doing this (and how powerful it is), check out his series on Netflix, How to Get Rich.

Netflix, a major book deal, 17,000+ reviews ... This is the level of attention you can get for yourself when you solve a problem for listeners and get them out of pain.

David @ Big Podcast

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