I cried during an interview yesterday.

I've been out all week getting in-person interviews, but every one of them, until yesterday, had been recorded outside. "Outside" wasn't an option for me on this one though.

Everybody involved had been fully vaccinated, so inside we went. It was a nice, modern building with lots of natural light and a view of downtown. And it was my first time doing an in-person and inside interview in over a year.

So there we were, me asking questions and the guest on her couch. I was sitting on the floor, listening to her answers and also "editing" where everything would fit into the episode in my head.

She finished up a particularly personal story and I said, "That brings a tear to my eye."

Next thing you know, I lost it.

I'm not the type of person who does this. The last time I cried was a few years ago, the evening after my dog Samba was euthanized and the reality of that hit me.

But there I was, with tape rolling, getting emotional in front of my guest.

Maybe it was what she said. Maybe it was all the pent-up emotion from over a year of not knowing if or when I'd ever be able to safely sit next to somebody and do this work again.

Regardless, it's moments like this that make great podcasts. Not that I'm going to let anybody hear this one. :)

I've got some stuff in this issue to help you get better recordings on tape and make them sound better, but that real "connection" is on you and I hope you're finding a lot of it with the work you're doing!

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