If people don't hear your podcast, what's the point in making it?

I've run into more than a few musicians who have told me, "I'd be doing this even if nobody was listening."

At the same time, those same musicians were coming to me to help them grow their audiences, sell more albums, and get more attention for their music.

I hear similar comments from podcasters. And I get it – sometimes it's fun just to make something for the sake of making it.

But if you're looking to make impact with your podcast, you need people to listen to you.

This issue of Big Podcast Insider is all about how to get more listeners, including how to get clear on who you want to listen to you, where you can reach those people, and what they want to hear.

Speaking of reaching people, if you have podcasting friends who would be helped by this info, please have them go to, so they can subscribe. :)

I thank you and my mother thanks you!

David @ Big Podcast

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