A Cat Named Roo

Three months ago, my wife saw a 14-year-old cat that had been put up for adoption because his owner had died.

His name was Roo.

We took him in. The animal rescue that facilitated everything told us he was the oldest non-purebred cat they'd ever placed.

Two nights ago, Roo became ill, throwing up a couple of times and not being himself. He's the first cat either of us has ever had, so we're still new to figuring out what's "normal" and what's not, but we decided, at almost Midnight, to take him to the emergency vet.

That was a good decision. He was severely dehydrated and needed IV fluids. But an x-ray and blood tests showed nothing wrong.

Still, he's not feeling well. So today, in addition to more fluids, he's getting an ultrasound.

What does a sick cat have to do with podcasting?

You make the best decision at the time, with the information that you have available. Sometimes you make a "wrong" decision, but in general, it's almost better to do something and move forward on whatever is next than sitting around and waiting for conditions to be perfect.

Conditions are rarely, if ever, perfect.

This is true whether making medical decisions for your cat, launching your podcast, or producing a single podcast episode – if you're waiting for "nice weather" to move forward, you're going to be waiting a long time.

An ultrasound exam is a weird thing. This one is $725 and, on one hand, you want to see something from it to know it was worth the money. On the other though, finding "nothing" is likely a much better outcome for Roo.

Then what? You move on to whatever the next step is. That's how we got to "ultrasound level" in the first place. The blood work and x-rays didn't tell us anything, we know something is wrong, so we're using other options to find the problem.

Same for your podcast. You're probably doing some things to get more listeners that aren't working. OK, so now you know what doesn't work.

Keep going!

This issue of Big Podcast Insider is about finding ways to get more subscribers for your podcast that do work. And if you follow the advice that's linked here, I promise you "more listeners" will be the result for you.

As far as Roo and his results, we don't know yet. But I expect to have more details by the time the audio version of this newsletter is released. To make sure you get it, subscribe here or call the subscriber line now at 615-488-4321.

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