Exclusion = Inclusion

The people I know who are making the most money from podcasting (or otherwise changing their lives the most) are, more or less, unknown to the general public. Working in the entertainment business as long as I have, I do know some "famous" people who also have podcasts, and arguable make pretty good money from them, but that's really an add-on to a career that was already established elsewhere.

Think about it ... Marc Maron was known before podcasting. Same for Joe Rogan, Will Ferrell, and The New York Times.

If you're looking to establish yourself with your podcast or get a specific result for yourself, the way to go is with extreme focus. This is how to cut through the noise of big media (and established celebrities) who can push basically anything and get a substantial audience.

But keep in mind that a "big audience" isn't necessarily what you really want – you want the right audience. And the right audience for you may be just a few people. For example, people who are willing to spend money with you or help you find a kidney ... whatever your goal is.

The Power of Excluding People

In the last few years, there's been a huge push for our society to be more inclusive. This is something I agree with.

But when it comes to your podcast, you will have better results being exclusive. No form of media or entertainment can offer something for everyone. When you try to do this, nobody will feel truly understood.

The solution is to speak to your audience, the one you really know, and focus on them, trusting that others are handling everybody else. If we all do this, everybody gets what they need, including us.

David @ Big Podcast

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