How to Never Miss Your Release Date

The most successful podcasts (and podcasters) never miss a release date.

Here are two options for you to make this happen for your podcast:

  1. Have a backup guest (or already-recorded backup episode) you can use in the event of a guest-related (or other) problem.
  2. Have the ability to do a solo episode, without a guest, and record something yourself.

Something you'll find helpful in keeping you out of trouble is to have backup of anything and everything you record. Here's a short video of what how I do this.

Note that remote interview options like Riverside continuously upload files to the cloud during recording, so this can save you should your computer crash or online connection go out, but it's still a good idea to run an external recorder, just to be sure. For this, I recommend the Zoom F3 as recording at 32-bit float will keep you from worrying about clipping and other common "bad audio" problems, letting you be present with your guest and focused on creating a great show, not just recording one.

For cloud backups, pCloud is a great option. You can set it to automatically backup your podcast audio files, so it's completely hands-off once you get it going.

Do you have a backup recording system? Share your thoughts here.

David @ Big Podcast

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