When is a Podcast Ready to Launch?

On Monday, I'm submitting the last draft of my podcast launch book for final editing. And this got me thinking, "When is something done?"

There's a famous quote by SNL producer, Lorne Michaels ... “The show doesn’t go on because it’s ready; it goes on because it’s 11:30.”

I've got more than a couple of stories of bands who were in the studio, working on a new album, where one guy in the group thought there was more to do, but the producer (or somebody else) were ready to do a final mix and release it.

Sound familiar? A lot of podcasters feel this way – you don't know the "right" time to release something, or even get started. Especially new podcasters.

Here's my answer: I don't know either.

What I do know is that no creative work is ever really "done." Even when you release something to the world, you're going to think, "What if I changed this?" at one time or another.

And sometimes you will change it. Musicians like this guy do this all the time, depending on where they are. And it works ...

Another thing I know is that this book in being released on 11/5 and it's not going to be perfect, but it will help a lot of people. And it wouldn't help anybody if it didn't come out.

If you've got questions about launching your podcast, hit up me here and I'll get you your answer. And go here if you're interested in an imperfect book on the subject that will also help you.

David @ Big Podcast

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