The Practice Room

I studied music in college. This is actually how I got into radio – I went to the campus radio station my first week there, thinking if I could get on as a jock, I could play my own music.

I never got that airplay, but that's another story ...

This story is about how you get good – at music or podcasting.

All classically-trained musicians know about "the practice room," a 6'x8' space with only a piano, a chair, and a music stand.

This is where serious students go to get better. And if you walk by one of these rooms, you'll likely hear the same few measures of music being played again and again, over the backdrop of a metronome that's keeping the time (and giving instant feedback).

Click, click, click, click.

As a podcaster, you'll benefit from something similar, like The Podcast Sausage Factory.

It's free, by the way. But you'll need to invest a few minutes daily.

Get going.

David @ Big Podcast

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