If Krusty the Clown had a podcast ...

Have you ever seen The Simpsons? If so, you'll know the old clown named Krusty who thinks everybody is ripping off his act.

"That guy stole my bit!!"

This happens a lot in podcasting.

And it's true that many "new" podcasters are having big (and quick) success with podcasting, while a lot of the older guys who have been around for years aren't doing as well.

But it's not just podcasters who have this issue ... the same is true for authors. And musicians.

I know a backup singer who has worked with everybody from Elvis Presley to Bob Dylan. I asked her, "How often are you better at singing than the people you're backing up?"

"Most of the time," she replied. "But my job isn't to be better in those cases, it's to help make the main act sound good."

That's a good way to look at it – better than Krusty.

Keep going!

In this issue of Big Podcast Insider, I've got some ways for you to strengthen your relationship with listeners, make the most of any "social media" promotions, and create interview-format episodes that matter.

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