Never Shop for Food When You're Hungry

You know this rule, right? Never go to the grocery when you're hungry.

It also needs to be mentioned that there's a similar rule for podcasters – never partner with somebody when you're desperate.

This means:

  • Never take on a guest "just because you need one."
  • Never take on an advertiser because you're desperate for money.
  • Never bring in a co-host because you're afraid of doing a solo podcast.

In short, it's good to have options. And if you're smart, you'll take a look at the places within your podcasting where you feel "this is the only way available to me" and do what you can to give yourself choices in the event "the only way" disappears.

You may have podcasting problems that could easily be solved with money. For example, if I go on a remote session, I always have a backup mic and backup cables in the event the main mic or cable fails. That's a situation that is easily solved for around $100.

Or it could be a podcasting problem that you need to work on personally, such as getting better at delivering monologue-style content, which will come in handy should a guest or co-host flake on you.

The point is – you want choices for yourself and your podcast. And just a little bit of time or money can give you a lot of great ones.

In this issue of Big Podcast Insider, I've got several options for you as far as growing your podcast and the business around it.

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David @ Big Podcast

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