"That's Not a Podcast!"

I see a lot of tech guys who say if it doesn't have an RSS feed, it's not a podcast.

I get it – the technical version of "podcast" means the audio file is delivered via a feed.

But here's the reality ... Nobody who actually listens to podcasts cares!

This means that, as far as listeners are concerned, "podcasts" can be delivered via:

  • YouTube
  • Spotify
  • Satellite

In the previous issue of Big Podcast Insider, I talked about how it's good for podcasters to have options. Distribution of your podcast is one of the things you want options for.

It doesn't matter how your "podcast" is distributed as long as it's an effective method for getting your message to listeners who care.

Focus on the content and finding the right listeners for it, regardless of how they listen.

David @ Big Podcast

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